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Project Timeline

The HDD Project is currently engaged in the Ontario Ministry’s regulatory process. Subject to approval from the Minister of Colleges and Universities, the Project's aim is to complete all ministerial consent processes by the end of the 2024-25 academic year and to admit the first students to all approved programs in September 2026.


Subject to ministerial consent, admission to the projected programs will be open to all students holding an Ontario high school diploma or an equivalent credential.

Auditing and Accreditation

All projected courses would be open to students to audit for the first nine weeks upon payment of a registration fee at the start of each course. Students wishing to take courses for credit would pay tuition fees in the ninth week of each course.


The projected fees are to be set at levels significantly below those of Canada’s public universities. Current projections are for each course to entail total fees of $500 CAD, so that fees for a student carrying a full course load would total $5,000. These fees would be divided between a $125 registration fee and a $375 tuition fee for each course.

Our Programs

  • French
    French Literature
  • English
    English Literature
  • History
    Mediterranean and European History and Historiography
  • Philosophy
    Philosophy - Western Philosophy