Your gift to the Humanities Digital Degrees Project will support the establishment of Canada’s first independent alternative for students seeking an authentic humanities education.

Our secure donations page offers a range of different funds and payment options you can select to meet your specific philanthropic goals. Tax receipts are issued with a simple click.

Key Development Areas




Donations of $50,000 CAD or greater can be designated and personalised as endowments to support the donor’s area of choice. Such areas might include scholarships or library collections. Gifts of smaller amounts can be added to the Foundation / General Endowment Fund or to an existing endowment. The principal of an endowment contribution is preserved as a distinct fund and is never spent; it is invested, and the proceeds are used to provide perpetual support for the donor’s chosen area of the Project’s mission.


This is a general fund to help meet the Project’s high-priority fundraising targets in the establishment phase of the Project, after which it will be rolled into the General Endowment Fund to support ongoing and future initiatives. Key Foundation Fund priorities include construction of the Project’s student portal and a target of $200,000 to meet Ontario Ministry fee and security requirements.


The Library Fund serves to expand and improve holdings in all areas of the humanities. Initial priorities include the outright purchase of electronic editions of fundamental reference works such as the Grand Corpus des dictionnaires (IXe-XXe siècles) and support for the scanning of primary and secondary course materials.


This fund supports the campaign to raise the visibility of the Project nationally and internationally, on the internet and in traditional media. Donations to the Promotional Fund will have an exponential impact, since increased student and public awareness will act as a lever to drive the Project’s advertising and advancement campaigns, and to expand the pool of potential applicants.