Mission Statement

Libertas, Sapientia, Humanitas

The Humanities Digital Degrees Project has been undertaken in order to preserve and promote the traditions of study in the humanities, and to make these traditions as accessible as possible by using digital technology to develop delivery methods adapted to advanced textual study at the same time as lowering costs and expanding availability across the virtual domain.

In keeping with the traditions of modern humanism, language skills are at the heart of the HDDP’s approach to teaching. We are a bilingual institute offering all programs in English and French, and students are encouraged to take at least a minor in the second language.

The HDD Project follows the methods and aims of the humanities, engaging students in their education through intensive practice of reading, writing and speaking. We understand education as a process leading each student forward to the fullest development of their intellectual and human potential. We believe this process is founded on freedom of inquiry and that as freedom is cultivated so do ambition and responsibility develop.

In keeping with the liberty and the humility of humanist inquiry, the HDDP understands the study of human experience as belonging to the sphere of individual judgment. Integral to the humanist ideal, the freedom to choose one’s ideas is attained through historical understanding, intellectual honesty and critical rigour. The HDDP views these skills as mutually reinforcing and promotes them through the structure of its programs.

The HDDP is committed to increasing access to a humanities education of the highest quality in order to offer students from all backgrounds the opportunity to surpass themselves. We expect that the skills acquired in the study of texts which have shaped the modern world will allow our students to pursue lives of civic engagement and entrepreneurial leadership in the course of which they will themselves shape our world for the better.